This document describes the current stable version of Celery (3.1). For development docs, go here.

Using CouchDB

Experimental Status

The CouchDB transport is in need of improvements in many areas and there are several open bugs. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources or funds required to improve the situation, so we’re looking for contributors and partners willing to help.


For the CouchDB support you have to install additional dependencies. You can install both Celery and these dependencies in one go using the celery[couchdb] bundle:

$ pip install -U celery[couchdb]


Configuration is easy, set the transport, and configure the location of your CouchDB database:

BROKER_URL = 'couchdb://localhost:5984/database_name'

Where the URL is in the format of:


The host name will default to localhost and the port to 5984, and so they are optional. userid and password are also optional, but needed if your CouchDB server requires authentication.


Storing task state and results in CouchDB is currently not supported.


The CouchDB message transport does not currently support:

  • Remote control commands (celery inspect, celery control, broadcast)

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