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Remote control commands.

class celery.worker.control.Panel(dict=None, **kwargs)[source]
data = {'time_limit': <function time_limit at 0x068AB6F0>, 'revoke': <function revoke at 0x068AB270>, 'objgraph': <function objgraph at 0x068ABC30>, 'dump_active': <function dump_active at 0x068ABBB0>, 'active_queues': <function active_queues at 0x068F8030>, 'cancel_consumer': <function cancel_consumer at 0x068ABFB0>, 'dump_reserved': <function dump_reserved at 0x068ABB70>, 'election': <function election at 0x068F80F0>, 'shutdown': <function shutdown at 0x068ABF30>, 'stats': <function stats at 0x068ABBF0>, 'clock': <function clock at 0x068ABCF0>, 'ping': <function ping at 0x068ABDF0>, 'disable_events': <function disable_events at 0x068AB030>, 'memdump': <function memdump at 0x068ABCB0>, 'pool_shrink': <function pool_shrink at 0x068ABE70>, 'pool_restart': <function pool_restart at 0x068ABEB0>, 'dump_schedule': <function dump_schedule at 0x068ABAF0>, 'report': <function report at 0x068AB0B0>, 'autoscale': <function autoscale at 0x068ABEF0>, 'query_task': <function query_task at 0x068AB530>, 'dump_tasks': <function dump_tasks at 0x068ABDB0>, 'add_consumer': <function add_consumer at 0x068ABF70>, 'enable_events': <function enable_events at 0x068AB070>, 'dump_revoked': <function dump_revoked at 0x068ABD30>, 'rate_limit': <function rate_limit at 0x068ABAB0>, 'dump_conf': <function dump_conf at 0x068F80B0>, 'memsample': <function memsample at 0x068ABC70>, 'pool_grow': <function pool_grow at 0x068ABE30>, 'heartbeat': <function heartbeat at 0x068AB630>, 'hello': <function hello at 0x068ABD70>}
classmethod register(method, name=None)[source]

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