This document describes the current stable version of Celery (3.1). For development docs, go here.



This module contains all exceptions used by the Celery API.

exception celery.exceptions.SecurityError[source]

Security related exceptions.

Handle with care.

exception celery.exceptions.Ignore[source]

A task can raise this to ignore doing state updates.

exception celery.exceptions.QueueNotFound[source]

Task routed to a queue not in CELERY_QUEUES.

exception celery.exceptions.WorkerShutdown[source]

Signals that the worker should perform a warm shutdown.

exception celery.exceptions.WorkerTerminate[source]

Signals that the worker should terminate immediately.

exception celery.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured[source]

Celery is somehow improperly configured.

exception celery.exceptions.NotRegistered[source]

The task is not registered.

exception celery.exceptions.AlreadyRegistered[source]

The task is already registered.

exception celery.exceptions.TimeoutError[source]

The operation timed out.

exception celery.exceptions.MaxRetriesExceededError[source]

The tasks max restart limit has been exceeded.

exception celery.exceptions.Retry(message=None, exc=None, when=None, **kwargs)[source]

The task is to be retried later.

exc = None

Exception (if any) that caused the retry to happen.

message = None

Optional message describing context of retry.

when = None

Time of retry (ETA), either numbers.Real or datetime.

exception celery.exceptions.TaskRevokedError[source]

The task has been revoked, so no result available.

exception celery.exceptions.NotConfigured[source]

Celery has not been configured, as no config module has been found.

exception celery.exceptions.AlwaysEagerIgnored[source]

send_task ignores CELERY_ALWAYS_EAGER option

exception celery.exceptions.InvalidTaskError[source]

The task has invalid data or is not properly constructed.

exception celery.exceptions.ChordError[source]

A task part of the chord raised an exception.

exception celery.exceptions.CPendingDeprecationWarning[source]
exception celery.exceptions.CDeprecationWarning[source]
exception celery.exceptions.FixupWarning[source]
exception celery.exceptions.DuplicateNodenameWarning[source]

Multiple workers are using the same nodename.

exception celery.exceptions.SoftTimeLimitExceeded

The soft time limit has been exceeded. This exception is raised to give the task a chance to clean up.

exception celery.exceptions.TimeLimitExceeded

The time limit has been exceeded and the job has been terminated.

exception celery.exceptions.WorkerLostError

The worker processing a job has exited prematurely.

exception celery.exceptions.Terminated

The worker processing a job has been terminated by user request.

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