Source code for ext.sqlalchemy

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import absolute_import

from werkzeug import OrderedMultiDict
from flask import url_for
from flask_dashed.admin import ObjectAdminModule
from flask_dashed.views import ObjectFormView
from sqlalchemy.sql.expression import or_
from wtforms.ext.sqlalchemy.orm import model_form as mf
from import Form

def model_form(*args, **kwargs):
    """Returns form class for model.
    if not 'base_class' in kwargs:
        kwargs['base_class'] = Form
    return mf(*args, **kwargs)

[docs]class ModelAdminModule(ObjectAdminModule): """SQLAlchemy model admin module builder. """ model = None form_view = ObjectFormView form_class = None db_session = None def __new__(cls, *args, **kwargs): if not cls.model: raise Exception('ModelAdminModule must provide `model` attribute') if not cls.list_fields: cls.list_fields = OrderedMultiDict() for column in cls.model.__table__._columns: cls.list_fields[] = {'label':, 'column': getattr(cls.model,} if not cls.form_class: cls.form_class = model_form(cls.model, cls.db_session) return super(ModelAdminModule, cls).__new__(cls, *args, **kwargs)
[docs] def get_object_list(self, search=None, order_by_name=None, order_by_direction=None, offset=None, limit=None): """Returns ordered, filtered and limited query. :param search: The string for search filter :param order_by_name: The field name to order by :param order_by_direction: The field direction :param offset: The offset position :param limit: The limit """ limit = limit if limit else self.list_per_page query = self._get_filtered_query(self.list_query_factory, search) if not (order_by_name and order_by_direction)\ and self.order_by is not None: order_by_name = self.order_by[0] order_by_direction = self.order_by[1] if order_by_name and order_by_direction: try: query = query.order_by( getattr(self.list_fields[order_by_name]['column'], order_by_direction)() ) except KeyError: raise Exception('Order by field must be provided in ' + 'list_fields with a column key') return query.limit(limit).offset(offset).all()
[docs] def count_list(self, search=None): """Counts filtered list. :param search: The string for quick search """ query = self._get_filtered_query(self.list_query_factory, search) return query.count()
[docs] def list_query_factory(self): """Returns non filtered list query. """ return self.db_session.query(self.model)
[docs] def edit_query_factory(self): """Returns query for object edition. """ return self.db_session.query(self.model).get
[docs] def get_actions_for_object(self, object): """"Returns actions for object as and tuple list. :param object: The object """ return [ ('edit', 'edit', 'Edit object', url_for( "%s.%s_edit" % (, self.endpoint),, ('delete', 'delete', 'Delete object', url_for( "%s.%s_delete" % (, self.endpoint),, ]
[docs] def get_object(self, pk): """Gets back object by primary key. :param pk: The object primary key """ obj = self.edit_query_factory(pk) return obj
[docs] def create_object(self): """New object instance new object.""" return self.model()
[docs] def save_object(self, obj): """Saves object. :param object: The object to save """ self.db_session.add(obj) self.db_session.commit()
[docs] def delete_object(self, object): """Deletes object. :param object: The object to delete """ self.db_session.delete(object) self.db_session.commit()
def _get_filtered_query(self, query, search=None): """Filters query. :param query: The non filtered query :param search: The string for quick search """ if search and self.searchable_fields: condition = None for field in self.searchable_fields: if field in self.list_fields\ and 'column' in self.list_fields[field]: if condition is None: condition = self.list_fields[field]['column'].\ contains(search) else: condition = or_(condition, self.\ list_fields[field]['column'].contains(search)) else: raise Exception('Searchables fields must be in ' + 'list_fields with specified column.') query = query.filter(condition) return query
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