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Writing new builders


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class sphinx.builders.Builder

This is the base class for all builders.

These methods are predefined and will be called from the application:

get_relative_uri(from_, to, typ=None)

Return a relative URI between two source filenames.

May raise environment.NoUri if there’s no way to return a sensible URI.


Build all source files.


Only rebuild as much as needed for changes in the filenames.


Only rebuild what was changed or added since last build.

build(docnames, summary=None, method='update')

Main build method.

First updates the environment, and then calls write().

These methods can be overridden in concrete builder classes:


Load necessary templates and perform initialization. The default implementation does nothing.


Return an iterable of output files that are outdated, or a string describing what an update build will build.

If the builder does not output individual files corresponding to source files, return a string here. If it does, return an iterable of those files that need to be written.

get_target_uri(docname, typ=None)

Return the target URI for a document name.

typ can be used to qualify the link characteristic for individual builders.


A place where you can add logic before write_doc() is run

write_doc(docname, doctree)

Where you actually write something to the filesystem.


Finish the building process.

The default implementation does nothing.