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.. note::



.. note::

   This function is not suitable for sending spam e-mails.
.. warning::

一个API重要的提示信息:用户需要注意当使用API的时候所涉及到的警告信息。指令(标识符)的内容应该写完整的句子,包括所有适当的标点符号。这是不同于 note,因为它更多的关注于有关安全的信息。

.. versionadded:: version

本指令(标识符)记录项目的版本信息,把所描述的功能添加到库或C API。当适用于整个模块,它应该被放置在模块部分的顶部之前。

第一个参数必须给出,它是在问答中的版本号(使用sphinx-quickstart时候的问答),你可以添加第二个参数,包含一个 简短 的变化原因。


.. versionadded:: 2.5
   The *spam* parameter.


.. versionchanged:: version

类似于 versionadded,但是说明了何时和如何以某种方式改变命名特征(新参数,改变后的影响等等。)。

.. deprecated:: version

类似于 versionchanged,但是说明了什么场合功能不推荐使用。解释可以这样给出:

.. deprecated:: 3.1
   Use :func:`spam` instead.

.. seealso::

许多章节包括了一系列的模块文件或外部文件的引用。这些列表是使用 seealso 指令(标识符)创建的。

seealso 指令(标识符)通常是在任何子章节之前的位置。对于HTML格式输出,它一般远离文本的主要信息显示。

seealso 指令(标识符)的内容应该是一个reST定义列表。


.. seealso::

   Module :py:mod:`zipfile`
      Documentation of the :py:mod:`zipfile` standard module.

   `GNU tar manual, Basic Tar Format <http://link>`_
      Documentation for tar archive files, including GNU tar extensions.


.. seealso:: modules :py:mod:`zipfile`, :py:mod:`tarfile`

New in version 0.5: 简短形式。

.. rubric:: title



如果rubric的 标题 是“脚注”(或者是在所选择的语言中含义等价的),LaTeX会忽略它。因为它被假定为仅包含脚注的定义以及将创建一个空的标题。

.. centered::


.. hlist::


对于支持的水平分布的生成器,有一个 columns 选项,用于指定的列数,默认为2。示例:

.. hlist::
   :columns: 3

   * A list of
   * short items
   * that should be
   * displayed
   * horizontally

New in version 0.6.


toctree 指令(标识符)是描述在 TOC树 ,它生成子文件的内容表。

对于本地内容表,可以用标准的reST contents directive


.. glossary::

该指令(标识符)必须包含一个带有术语和定义的REST的类似定义列表的标记。定义将会被 term 引用。例如:

.. glossary::

      A structure where information about all documents under the root is
      saved, and used for cross-referencing.  The environment is pickled
      after the parsing stage, so that successive runs only need to read
      and parse new and changed documents.

   source directory
      The directory which, including its subdirectories, contains all
      source files for one Sphinx project.

相比正常定义列表,每个条目的 多个 术语是允许的,行内标记是允许出现在术语中。您可以链接到所有的术语。例如:

.. glossary::

   term 1
   term 2
      Definition of both terms.


New in version 0.6: 你可以在glossary指令(标识符)中用 :sorted: ,它将按字母对条目进行排序。

Changed in version 1.1: 支持多术语以及术语中出现行内标记。


特别标记是用于显示 Special markup is available for displaying the productions of a formal grammar. The markup is simple and does not attempt to model all aspects of BNF (or any derived forms), but provides enough to allow context-free grammars to be displayed in a way that causes uses of a symbol to be rendered as hyperlinks to the definition of the symbol. There is this directive:

.. productionlist:: [name]

This directive is used to enclose a group of productions. Each production is given on a single line and consists of a name, separated by a colon from the following definition. If the definition spans multiple lines, each continuation line must begin with a colon placed at the same column as in the first line.

The argument to productionlist serves to distinguish different sets of production lists that belong to different grammars.

Blank lines are not allowed within productionlist directive arguments.

The definition can contain token names which are marked as interpreted text (e.g. sum ::= `integer` "+" `integer`) – this generates cross-references to the productions of these tokens. Outside of the production list, you can reference to token productions using token.

Note that no further reST parsing is done in the production, so that you don’t have to escape * or | characters.


.. productionlist::
   try_stmt: try1_stmt | try2_stmt
   try1_stmt: "try" ":" `suite`
            : ("except" [`expression` ["," `target`]] ":" `suite`)+
            : ["else" ":" `suite`]
            : ["finally" ":" `suite`]
   try2_stmt: "try" ":" `suite`
            : "finally" ":" `suite`